The Company

Ionnix - A Smart Tech Startup has already proved to be one of the pioneer contender in Smart City Implementation having successfully implemented various Solutions for Smart City Projects.

The co-founders of Ionnix have been working in government sector for more than a decade providing technology solutions and has implemented large scale projects in domains like Mining, Health, Agriculture, City Surveillance, Mass Transit System, Smart Cities.

We, at Ionnix provide blended solutions on various platforms using varied and updated technologies across domains. We also provide valuable services for your organisation to grow, enhance the business on digital platforms collaborating Integrated Solutions, Impactful Digital Presence, Perception Management on Digital Platforms through IT & ICT Solutions.

Ionnix is proud to be the part of Smart City projects working in various domains and have been proved to be a strong contender for the Smart City Projects involving in most smart city projects in Gujarat.

With its innovative products and solutions, DPIIT (DIPP), Govt. of India has recognised Ionnix Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd. as Tech Startup


Ionnix has a vision to provide result oriented effective technology solutions with ease of implementation and scalability, mapping the latest and upcoming technology in line with organisational growth, objectives and goals.


Ionnix has drawn for itself a vision, to deliver innovative solutions together for a better future and to provide the best technology services and solutions to industry and governments. To make this vision a reality, it has geared up itself as an expert in the multi-domain and dimensional technologies. Ionnix focuses on Smart City Solutions and Implementation across India and has been carrying out similar projects. Ionnix implements Surveillance Poles, Traffic Poles, Gantries with state-of-the art design and solution apt for the required solution with civil infrastructure and execution by skilled experts.

Extending the reach to the Smart City Solutions, Ionnix is strategic partner for marketing and implementation of Environmental Sensors/Solutions, Automatic Weather Stations, Smart Poles and other solutions including IoT based solutions.

Ionnix develops IoT based solutions focusing implementation in Agriculture, Mining, Environment domains enabling the organisations as well as citizens for ease in using technology with efficiency and accountability.

Ionnix offers services like Application Development & Maintenance, Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise Solutions, Product Development & Support, Customised Development, Mobile Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing, Testing Services and Search Engine Optimization as well as Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services.

Ionnix works on system integrated projects and solutions like Sensor based technology, Security Solutions, RFID, GPS based navigation system, Touch screen Kiosks along, Customize Software and Web development, Mobile Application Development.

Our Strength

The core strength of Ionnix is Project Planning & Execution as far as Smart City Projects are concerned. Ionnix also focuses on Project Conceptualisation, Project Design and Project Management. The team at Ionnix has been experienced in implementing projects for multiple domain in multiple industries. Ionnix is right blend of technology professionals from various domains having a pool of domain experts associated with us. We also provide IT consultancy to many organisations to manage their IT implementation or upgradations or to implement new solutions with new technologies. Ionnix enables the organisations to minimise the manual and paper-based efforts implementing high-class yet easy to implement solutions

We use international standard Methodology for development and execution of technology projects. Our in-house capacity of developing web based, desktop based and mobile application-based solution shall help us grow in the competitive market. Our team of Certified Programmers with the expertise in the Desktop, Web and Mobile Application development for more than 10 years of experience help us achieve our goals.

We have fleet of programmers who can work in open source - PHP, JAVA and also Microsoft Technologies - .NET. Our Infrastructure Management team has qualified certifications and manage data-center onsite and remotely.

Our Values

  • Customer Centric: We are committed to offer our clients excellent quality product and services that can meet their investment goal while maintaining their confidentiality, quality and deadline.
  • Collaboration: We believe in uniting the work culture not only by sharing the resources but also to come up with new ideas and ventures. We believe in nurturing talent and creating a positive work environment which in turn culminates in motivated and efficient teams working on client projects.
  • Excellence: Ionnix truly believes in the fact: “Excellence is the way to perfection”. We strive hard to meet excellence through our work ethics and culture to deliver the best possible output for our clientele.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness: Ionnix maintains a lean organization, lowering the total cost of ownership and providing best value to our customers.
  • Care: Our business values lie on our morals and the principles, which has been structured considering the most important asset of our organization: the people. We believe in accommodating our staff with excellent work attitude, professionalism, work satisfaction and periodic rewards mechanism thereby ensuring a happy and efficient work environment which in turn benefits all our clientele.
  • Growth: Improvement is necessary for the persistent growth in any organization. We cater to the same philosophy and are constantly engaged in upgrading the skill set and knowledge base of our existing employees so that they can work better to meet the customer’s demands. The continuous hard work done by us helps generates new sales leads that acts as a lifeline for our company and thereby we ensure growth and excellence for all our stakeholders.