Automatic Weather Monitoring Station

Automatic Weather Monitoring Station (AWMS) is a solution integrated with various sensors measuring weather parameters in air as well as ground. The IoT Sensors in the system are capable of sending the data in real-time to the cloud server using wireless and or wired protocols.

AWMS proposed by Ionnix is a complete collaborated and integrated approach generating data and data models in real-time enabling to generate predictive weather forecast and be usable for various applications for government as well as individuals – be it citizen or a farmer or a scientists or researchers.

AWMS are used to collect data for weather including wind direction and speed and rainfall to create a predictive forecast model.

The solution designed by Ionnix is a next-generation weather monitoring solution which works on IoT technology. The devices are low voltage and fully solar powered and its retrofit design allows it to be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Monitoring Parameters

AWMS measures various weather parameters in air as well as soil like:
  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity / Moisture
  3. Barometric Pressure
  4. Rainfall Monitoring
  5. Water Level
  6. Wind Velocity
  7. Wind Direction
  8. Soil PH / Salinity
  9. Soil Temperature
  10. Soil Moisture
  11. Leaf Wetness
  12. Solar Radiation
  13. Noise
  14. GPS
  15. UV
  16. Pressure Sensors &Switches
  17. Flow Meters

AWMS Basic Features

The proposed solution saves human labour for measurements of weather data, providing ease in real-time data gathering centrally for multiple purpose. The data logger, battery and the sensors are fixed in a weather proof - IP65 rated enclosure for long lasting, continuous and uninterrupted working in all conditions

The AWMS monitors the parameters through the sensors installed for weather conditions on continuous basis and send the data online to the central server system using wired and or wireless network protocols like GSM, GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi, LORA, RS485, Ethernet etc. The data from the AWMS is supported by Ionnix Terminal, a cloud analytics software. Ionnix Terminal offers Real-time Air-quality Data Modelling, Air-quality Data Analytics, Automated Reports, Smart Notifications, Real-time Pollution Mapping, Air-quality Predictions, Pollution Source Finding etc.

AWMS Integration

AWMS is also highly compatible with different types of external IT infrastructure like cloud software, web-applications, mobile-app, 3rd party applications, digital display screens, existing LED displays, external server system etc. for data acquisition, visualization and publication.