Datacenter & Control Room Setup

Ionnix provides end-to-end services to setup and provide an operational control room with civil infrastructure. The entire civil infrastructure including the construction activities to build a control room from ground or to provide civil infrastructure services to provide ceiling, walling, flooring, partitioning using various material including fire retardant materials for the entire setup. Ionnix understands that the control room is the heart of the entire project or system wherein all the equipments & components terminate to give a bird’s eye view to the authorities of the control room and hence understand the sanctity in terms of securing of access to the safety of the entire setup compliant with safety norms and implementing fire and safety alarming system.

Our team of experts understand your requirement and design the control room solution based on the usage and select right products to map the requirements. Our design incorporates the ambient and lighting to suite the operators for long working hours, the distance of the desk from the Video Wall to enable the operators feel less fatigue and clear visuals, fire retardant components ensures the safety of the components, the fire retardant glass partitioning wherever possible to have a larger view to the work space.

Acoustic solutions are also integrated  using the glass wool components in the wall panelling and partitioning.    The false ceilings are designed for optimal usage and conceal the cablings and ducts. The raised floor setup ensures clear visuals to the last rows of operators.

The fire alarm system ensures safety of people as well as components.

The datacenter setup is designed with raised floors and anti-rodent solutions using dehumidifiers in the air-conditioning (precision AC) to ensure that the condensed water is not dropping on the equipment or damping the walls or ceilings.

Ionnix has experience in development of Data Center and Control Command Centers with necessary Non-IT infra as well as passive network. The co-founders have immense experience of data center and control room infrastructure and the profound skills right from design to best fit products and solutions and effective and quality based execution enable Ionnix to have an edge over in the market.

Ionnix takes care of the requirement of the client and maintains the aesthetics, acoustics, Interior of the room suitable for long hours of working for the staff, authorities’ controlled access, maintain the lightings in the room and using fire retardant / green guard products and solutions to mitigate potential risks of fire and health hazards.

Partial list of components covered for Data Centers and Control Rooms:


Fiber Optic Cabling

Structured Cabling

Passive Components

Civil & Interiors:

Raised flooring

False Ceiling

Wall Panelling

Video Wall Setup

Conference rooms

NOC/BMS room

Painting, POP, Partitioning

Electrical cablings and electricals


Ancillary Data Center Solutions:

Precision AC and setup

HVAC and setup

Rodent Repellent solutions

Fire Detection / Alarm / extinguisher solutions

Access Control Solutions

Interior Designing