Systems Integration

Ionnix has experts to provide systems integration services mapping the needs and the technology to drive the best results possible for the organisation. The team at Ionnix is experienced in understanding the current process and mapping it with the technology and solutions to clearly meet the objectives enhancing the smoothness and efficiency in working at all the levels. Ionnix engages technology and functional domain experts to understand the needs of the client be it in any industry or domain. The core team of Ionnix has carried huge experience in implementing large scale systems integration projects in multiple domains.

Fuel Level Sensors

The indigenously developed  technology gives the reading of fuel in any type of container and transmitting it through the IoT based data logger to the central system giving real-time reading. The usage of the fuel in real-time or any theft from the container can be identified and further steps be taken by the authorities.

Security and Surveillance

The team at Ionnix has carried out many projects on city wide security surveillance as well as in closed premises. Ionnix has tie-ups with leading equipment manufacturers and provide end to end solution and implementation for the project.

Intelligent Transit Management System

Ionnix real-time vehicle tracking system (VTS) and indigenously developed Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System integrated with the other ITMS components enable to provide a wholistic solution for ITMS. The solution is capable to incorporate features like – Vehicle Identification, Vehicle Allocation, Trip Details, In Bus PIS, Bus Stop PIS, Panic Button etc.
The dispatch system is capable to incorporate automated dispatch of vehicle at the respective routes allocating the vehicles to the respective drivers and provide real-time  information to the authorities as well as citizens on PIS or web or mobile based applications.