Smart Pole

Smart Pole by Ionnix is combination of various components for today's Smart City Concepts. The Smart Pole also combines telecom components for 4G/LTE bands as per the TRAI guidelines issues for telecoms for better coverage, improved data speed, reduced radiation, reduced signal dropouts, etc. city-wide. Smart pole can vastly improve the telecom infrastructure of the city.

LED street lighting can generate energy savings of 50 to 70 percent, with savings reaching 80 percent when coupled with smart controls.

The Smart Pole functionalities include LED Based Smart Street Lights, mobile broadband infrastructure, Wi-Fi hotspot services, Active Geo location transponder for location based services and surveillance camera. It may also be used for other commercial purposes, like smart bill board, electronic vehicle charging, environmental sensor and many more such smart components.

The integrated components' data shall be managed and monitored through the Central Control Room.

VMD Poles

Ionnix VMD Poles are heavy structures to incorporate Variable Messaging Displays, one of the components of Smart City Solutions. The VMD Poles